Meadows Equestrian Center

Training for horse and rider is year round.

Horse Training 

I start horses, teach manners, overcome fears, help horses move better, and much more.  Also if you just need a horse exercised or need more miles put on him I can do that too. 

$25 dollars a session
4 sessions a week for a month - $400


Riding Lessons

I have trained many kinds of horses, we know every horse and rider is different, with that in mind our goal is to help you find a program that suits you and your horse.  With beginners I work on teaching the basics, as without that you will eventually get stuck.  Lessons are also available for more intermediate to advanced riders, whether you want to improve your riding or just get back on a horse.  We are always happy to take on new riders and horses and help them reach there goals. We also have lesson horses.

     * Safety on ground and under saddle
     * A solid riding foundation
     * We have horse's for your use
     * Ground work is also offered
     * Respect and trust between horse and rider 
Riding Lessons:
Beginner Lessons $30
Intermediate Lessons $40 
Advanced Lessons $45